Miss Kitty’s Saloon – Canadian Eh?

Every now and then I stumble across something which makes me want to wake up and blog…. Miss Kitty’s Saloon is one of them on this said day. If you’re looking for a place with great food and service…..  Miss Kitty’s Saloon will blow your mind.

Miss Kitty’s Saloon is a tapas style venue with a wood-fire oven inside. The decor is super cute with stumps for tables, hanging chairs and cowboy and cowgirl toilets.

Miss Kitty’s Saloon Menu

Miss Kitty's Saloon Menu

The waitress was quick and found us a table right away and food and drinks were served promptly. Being that it was my first time, the one thing which stood out for me was when asking for recommendations, all the waitresses had a clear understanding of each menu item and described it to us it in a way that made our mouths water.

Hot Wing Pancakes $4.00 each

Miss Kitty's Saloon Hot Wing Pancakes

Handmade mini pancakes with deboned hot  wings. This was nice and crispy, I would have preferred it minus the blue cheese. I’ve decided I do not like blue cheese.

Close-up: Hot Wing Pancakes

Miss Kitty's Saloon Hot Wing Pancakes

The chicken inside was juicy but I did find a tiny small bone.

Prawn Cocktail and Pig Head Nuggets $19.00

Miss Kitty's Saloon Prawn Cocktail and Pig Head Nuggets

The chilled prawns came with a nice cocktail sauce, but the highlight of this dish was the pig head nuggets. Crispy, tasty and moorish. I could eat a whole bowl of these. The inside had a soft crunchy pig texture which was amazing.

Pickled Peach Slaw $9

Miss Kitty's Saloon Pickled Peach Slaw

Fresh thinly sliced slaw with a tangy peach dressing. It went really nicely with our pig.

Roast Suckling Pig $36

Miss Kitty's Saloon Roast Suckling Pig

So so suckling…. this pork is amazing. The skin was so crispy and the meat was really soft. Served with a relish and two flat breads. It tasted like a corn bread variety.

Miss Kitty's Saloon Roast Suckling Pig

Underneath all this was a dark jus which soaked up the bread.

Poutine $12

Miss Kitty's Saloon Poutine Chips

Frites, gravy and curds. GENIUS! I’ve always wanted to try this Canadian classic and it did not disappoint. They make their curd on premise mmm the curds tasted light and fluffy.

The Bill

Miss Kitty's Saloon Bill

Miss Kitty’s Saloon sets you back about $50 including a drink but it’s definately worth the money.

Miss Kitty's Saloon on Urbanspoon

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  1. Kanni June 10, 2013 at 10:00 am Reply

    Welcome back LMB :) great review, yet to try Miss Kitty’s Saloon but def will soon!

    • littlemi June 10, 2013 at 6:08 pm Reply

      Thank you Kanni! I would definitely return =)


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