Deep Fried Cheese Night Episode

Girls Night! The only thing that could make girls night even better with my favourite girls is delicious, heart clogging comfort foods. Tonights theme is Deep Fried Cheese. We all chose our favourite cheeses and sauces and then came together with some wicked concoctions.

Our Table

Our Table

We had some crusty bread and hommus to cut through the grease.


Glistening in the background are my Mozzarella Cheese and Bacon Spring Rolls and plain Mozzarella Spring Rolls. Lightly crumbed and seasoned sticks of mozzarella, rolled in spring roll pastry and then deep fried until golden.

The sauces we chose were ranch, dynamite, tomato salsa, mango chutney and blueberry jam.

Dynamite sauce is a mix of Sirachi chilli sauce and Kewpie Mayonaise.

Double Panko Crumbed Camembert Cheese

Deep Fried Camembert

Wedges of creamy camembert encrusted in crunchy panko crumbs.

Deep Fried Feta in Buttered Batter

Deep Fried Australia Feta

Cubes of australian feta deep fried in a batter similar to fish and chip batter, with a hint of butter.

Grilled Haloumi Cheese with Salad

Salad with Haloumi

Not everything was deep fried so don’t be alarmed! I whipped up a quick bruschetta style salad with dice tomato, cucumber, fresh paprika, red onions and garlic with a light salad dressing.

The grilled haloumi was on the darker side but still good.

Grilled Marinaded Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings

These wings were courtesy of MzTiff for a meat element to the night.

My Plate

My Plate

Yes, there was some leftover bacon strips so we grilled it up to nibble at like chips. Also on my plate were cheese and bacon spring roll, camembert, chicken wing, haloumi salad and bread.

Now for the money shots!

Deep Fried Camembert Cheese Innards

Deep Fried Camembert

Deep Fried Feta in Buttered Batter

Deep Fried Feta Innards

Mozzarella Cheese and Bacon Spring Rolls Innards

Cheese and Bacon Spring Rolls Innards

Deep Fried Mini Mars Bar, Toasted Marshmallows and Napoleon Ice Cream with Fresh Strawberry

Deep Fried Mars Bar, Toasted Marshmallow, Ice Cream and Fresh Strawberries

Need I say more? For those of you who have not had a deep fried Mars Bars before it is an explosion of chocolate and caramel in your mouth barely contained in a light batter.

Deep Fried Mini Mars Bar Innards

Deep Fried Mars Bar Innards

Toasted Marshmallow Innards

Toasted Marshmallow Innards

Stringy webs of sweet melted marshmallow.

By now you probably think this is an overkill of food and it looks sickening, however as we paced ourselves and only served small portions…. it was just the right amount of deep fried food with a little bit of wine

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Comments: 4

  1. Liv B July 6, 2012 at 8:56 am Reply

    ohmyfoodness!! This looks beyond amazing! So many types & they all look delicious… I have no more words.

    • littlemi July 7, 2012 at 10:27 am Reply

      Ohmyfoodneess indeed Liv B, the feta was my favourite!


  2. Chompchomp July 6, 2012 at 5:49 pm Reply

    Phwoah heart attack central of scrumptious cheesy goodness! Did you all dream intensely that night?

    • littlemi July 7, 2012 at 10:23 am Reply

      Hi Chompchomp! I’ve been dreaming about it ever since….


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