Ha-Lu, Mount Hawthorn

Ha-lu is a great Japanese fusion restaurant for not only dine-in but take away as well. I was so impressed the first time I went, I returned twice in one weekend. Here’s a combined post on the times visited recently including a very special birthday for Foodie Cravings.

Sashimi of the Day $18.00 Salmon, Tuna and Kingfish

Ha-Lu Sashimi of the Day

Thick cut fresh slippery slices of fish to start.

Crumbed Camembert Cheese $9.80

Ha-Lu Crumbed Camembert Cheese

These deep fried wedges of soft cheese oozes into your mouth with the tang of some lemon and their delicious blueberry jam like sauce. It is served with cute skinless honey cherry tomatoes.

Ebi-Mayo $17.00

Ha-Lu Ebi Mayo

This was one of those dishes where the table next to us had to lean over just to ask what it was because it looked that attractive! Plump juicy prawns tossed in their own concoction of mayo cocktail sauce and was barely contained in a deep fried wanton parcel.

But wait theres more!

Ha-Lu Ebi Mayo Innards

Once cracked open… a poached runny egg streams over a refreshing avocado salad. It was amazing.

Scallop Nanban $18.00

Ha-Lu Scallop Nanban

These fat scallops are only lightly deep fried and inside they are still a little raw. Some people, myself included, who don’t like raw seafood might be put off this dish. Having said that I still enjoyed these because the scallops themself were so bitey and fresh that I could overlook the fact it was still raw.

Close up of Scallop Nanban $18.00

Ha-Lu Scallop Nanban Close Up

The fried lotus root and julienned raw veggies on top complimented the scallops perfectly.

Oyster Kaki-Fry $18.00

Ha-Lu Fried Oysters with Ponzu Vinaigrette

Unlike most of their lightly fried dishes, this dish is a bit on the heavier side. The oysters are coated with a seasoned panko batter and is very crunchy. I would probably only order this if there are more than two people eating as I got quite full eating it.

Linley Valley Pork Belly “Kaku-ni” $16.00

Ha-Lu "Kaku-ni" Pork Belly

The blocks of slow cooked Linley Valley pork belly pulls apart with ease. The light soy jus goes great with the pork and soft boiled eggs. This is my favourite dish here.

Kingfish and Salmon Belly Nitsuke $18.00

Ha-Lu Kingfish and Salmon Belly with Daikon

Mmm did I ever tell you my favourite part of a fish is the belly and skin? These were a win being skin-on and deep fried belly pieces. The slow cooked daikon was very light and fluffy.

Succelent Terriyaki Chicken $13

Ha-Lu Teriyaki Chicken

Teriyaki chicken the way it should be. Crispy skin and a caramelised teriyaki sauce with additional mayonaise.

Grilled Miso Patagonian Toothfish $18.00

Ha-Lu Toothfish

The toothfish was flakey and soft and lightly grilled with miso flavour.

Duck, Aubergine, Madeira sauce with Wholegrain Mustard $24.00

Ha-Lu Duck Augergine Madeira Sauce

My second favourite dish here. The skin of the duck is crunchy with a smokey flavour. The meat of the duck, cooked to a medium rare is very tender. The sauce madeira-tamari together with the duck was out of this world and even though I do not like aubergine or the hint of mustard powder I still enjoyed this dish to the fullest.

Ginger Linley Valley Pork $22.00

Ha-Lu Ginger Linley Valley Pork with Fried Pumpkin

I was actually confused when this dish came out as I was sure she said pork, but when I tasted it, the texture was completely different to what pork usually tastes like. The pork had no dryness… so not only have they managed to make it taste delicious but they made it extra juicy. Not only are they chefs but wizards too.

Premium Beef “Ishi-yaki” Grill with Fried Onions $32 Margeret River Wagyu D-Rump

Ha-Lu Stonegrill "Ishi Yaki" Wagyu Beef

The wagyu rump is served in a stonepot so you can cook your beef to your liking and the fried onions become a chip like side.

Side Ramen $8.00

Ha-Lu Ramen

The tiny knob of butter melts into your broth and the slurpy ramen made me wish I had ordered this to myself.

Miso Soup $2.50, Rice $2.50

Ha-Lu Miso Soup and Rice

White Chocolate, Roasted Tea and Berry Pannacotta & Ume Plum Gelee $9.50

Ha-Lu Panacotta

This dessert was light and not overly sweet.

Baked Cheesecake with a hint of Azuki $9.50

Ha-Lu Baked Cheesecake

This was not a traditional cheesecake. It was more like a soft, warm cloud of yumminess. Bites of berries and sesame ice cream to add to the experience.

Tea for Two $4.00

Ha-Lu Green Tea

Teriyaki Chicken Bento $16.00

Ha-Lu Teriyaki Chicken Bento

All their bento’s come with two croquettes, japanese omelette, kara-age chicken, mushroom salad and rice. The Kara-age chicken was a bit cold in mine but it was still tasty.

Beef Tataki Bento $20.00

Ha-Lu Wagyu Beef Tataki Bento

Pork Belly Bento $26.00

Ha-Lu Pork Belly Kaku-ni Bento

The staff here are very helpful and the food comes out quickly. The takeaway wait time is a little bit longer at around 20 minutes, but it’s worth the wait.

Ha-Lu on Urbanspoon

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  1. Chopinand @ ChopinandMysaucepan March 27, 2012 at 10:16 pm Reply

    Dear LMB,

    This looks like a Japanese with an exciting twist. I especially like the look of the salmon belly and to me, that is also the best part of the fish apart from the silky smooth cheeks of course :)

    • littlemi April 2, 2012 at 7:22 pm Reply

      I agree.. salmon belly just melts in your mouth! the best I’ve had is in Bangkok

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