My Birthday Episode – Hawker’s Cuisine, Northbrigde

The worse thing happened… I lost my camera! During the busy Christmas period it must have dropped out of my bag =( My wonderful boyfriend bought me a new one for my birthday so I’ve found my fire again.

Since my birthday falls on Valentines Day, most places have a set menu so I went with Hawkers. Hawkers has got to be my favourite late night eatery in Perth. Their signature Marmite sauce is to die for, their Malaysian and Chinese menu variety is insane and their drinks are the best around.

Singapore Chilli Crab seasonal price $90.00 per kilo

Hawker's Cuisine Singapore Crab

This exceeded my expectations! It was better then some other chinese seafood restaurants I’ve tried it in Perth. The crab was crispy from the prefrying and the meat was so sweet. The sauce was perfectly sweet, tangy and chilli. I wish there was more!

My Plate of Singapore Crab and Mantou

Hawker's Cuisine My Plate of Singapore Crab

It’s my birthday so I get to have a claw! Normally the claws are reserved for the parentals as a sign of respect… and so you don’t look like a fatty.

Side of Mantou’s 3 pieces for $3.00

Hawker's Cuisine Fried Mantou

So crispy and golden. Even though the menu says three pieces, you actually get six pieces because they cut it in half. Win.

“Superior” Crab with E Fu Noodles $90.00 per kilo

Hawker's Cuisine "Superior" Crab with E Fu Noodles

I was greedy and felt like more crab! I chose a more tradition sauce to please the parents, which was their Superior sauce. A blend of onion and herb thick sauce with E Fu noodles to soak the sauce and emphasis on the natural flavour of the crab. It was really enjoyable but I could not get over the flavour explosion from the Singapore Crab.

The Famous Marmite Chicken $16.00

Hawker's Cuisine Marmite Chicken

This is the dish that made my fall in love with Marmite. The chicken is first lightly deep fried and then stir fried with their sweet and salty marmite sauce.

Pork Belly with Mui Choy $18.00

Hawker's Cuisine Mui Choy Pork Belly

If anyone has a good recipe for this I would love to see it. Twice cooked pork belly in a pool of gravy goodness. The pork is first fried to give the skin the crispy and dark colour. Then the flavours of the preserved vegetables add a saltiness to the dish.

Steamed Toothfish with Radish Sauce $24.80

Hawker's Cuisine Steamed Tooth Fish with Radish Sauce

The flaky fish melts in your mouth and then you taste the lovely oily soy sauce and bits of crunchy radish bits.

Jiang Bao Spare Ribs $16.00

Hawker's Cuisine Jiang Bao Spare Ribs

This was my least favourite dish of the night, deep fried spare ribs in a garlic Jiang Bao sauce which was very similar to sweet and sour. Still nice but there are better dishes on the menu.

Hawker’s Specialised Drinks

Hawker's Cuisine Drinks

From left to right. Iced Milo with Condense milk $4.00, Iced Ribena with Lemon $4.00, three layer Teh Peng $4.00, Teh Peng $4.00.

The Cake Factory Grand Marnier Birthday Cake $25.00

The Cake Factory Grand Marnier Birthday Cake

Vanilla sponge soaked with Grand Marnier, filled with custard, white chocolate mousse and fresh strawberries decorated with roasted almonds, strawberries and chocolate hearts which was a valentines day touch. The cake was very moist inside and the cream was amazing as always. The Cake Factory makes the best cupcakes I’ve had in Perth yet.

Hawker's Cuisine on Urbanspoon

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Comments: 4

  1. Kanni February 28, 2012 at 9:15 am Reply

    looks like an awesome birthday dinner babe! *two thumbs up* ^-^

    • littlemi February 29, 2012 at 12:00 pm Reply

      Thank you kanni. Hope you had an awesome one as well!

  2. mztiff March 8, 2012 at 12:13 am Reply

    mmm crabtastic! you’re very lucky to have the meaty crab claw too 😉

    • littlemi March 20, 2012 at 9:22 pm Reply

      Why can’t crabs have more claws? Sigh =P


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