The Leopard’s Lodge, Carabooda

We finally had the opportunity to use our Scoopon for two entrees, a mixed platter and two drinks for only $59.00. We literally had to take a mini road trip to get there and when we got to the front, the decor and set up was really interesting.

The Leopard’s Lodge Entree Gate

The Leopard's Lodge Entree

We thought we were actually lost until we saw the gate.


The Leopard's Lodge Elephant

For decorative purposes a big elephant greets you on your way in. In the background sounds of snakes and insects can be heard… I really hope it was a recording and not the actually surrounding!

The Leopard’s Lodge Menu

The Leopard's Lodge Menu

African Tropical Fruit Juice

The Leopard's Lodge African Tropical Fruit Juice

I got excited when I saw the ‘African’ in front of the tropical fruit juice but it was just regular fruit juice out of the bottle. Regardless it was nice that our two drinks provided by the scoopon voucher had no restrictions whether it be beer, wine, soft drinks or fruit juices.

Castle Lager

The Leopard's Lodge Castle

The bf’s choice of drink.

Chicken Livers

The Leopard's Lodge Chicken Livers

This was very spicy so it masked the liver taste.

Boerewors Taster

The Leopard's Lodge Boerewors Taster

The sausage were very meaty and tasty.

Mixed Platter

The Leopard's Lodge Mixed Platter

From twelve o’clock. Chips, roasted vegetables, yellow rice, Cape Malay Bobotie, Boerewors and Mash, more chips, Serengeti Chicken and in the centre a steak covered in Monkey Gland sauce.

The yellow rice was still hard in the centre and had no taste. The Cape Malay Bobotie which is curried mince meat, was too sweet. The Serengeti Chicken which is grilled herb and garlic chicken thighs were nice. Boerewors again was lovely but the mash was average.

Oh no! Overdone Steak.

The Leopard's Lodge Overdone Steak

As there is only one steak per platter we both had to decide on the doneness of the steak. We both go for medium rare.

I’ve rarely had the situation where I’ve gotten an overdone steak. I saw two options. I either send it back or don’t come back at all. Unfortunately with slow service and ok food I will not return here. Even with another Scoopon.

Funny Toilet Sign

The Leopard's Lodge Toilet Sign

As the restaurant is newish, I hope that in time it will pick up as the waitstaff were friendly enough, just slow. The concept is intriguing and the decor is funky but again the service and food was average.

When the owner came and cleared half our plates, we had advised him we were ready to order dessert, he left for the kitchen and forgot to return to clear our other plates or to take out dessert order. After a significant wait we took it as a sign to leave.

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