Morley Episode – Golden Chicks and Nic’s Shak

The Lion King is now screening in 3D and I convinced my bf to take me as we had free movie ticket. I love reliving childhood memories and yes, I did cry during the movie. Just once! We decided to eat around the Morley complex since I don’t go there often and I found two great eats.

Golden Chicks

Golden Chicks Front

Golden Chicks, only opened three months ago, is the perfect place for a snack or meal of chicken wing goodness. This brilliant korean concept is simple. You choose either fried or roast chicken and then choose a flavour from original, sweet chilli or soy.

Golden Chicks Fried Sweet Chilli Chicken Wings $18.50 (Regular)

Golden Chicks Fried Sweet Chilli Chicken Wings

Very golden and finger lickin’ good. The sauce was out of this world. A cross breed between sweet and sour chilli and singapore sauce. Sprinkled with crunchy nuts. The chicken pieces include either wings or drumsticks.

Also include with their meals, if you eat there, is a bucket for the chicken bones and towelettes. How thoughtful.

Golden Chicks Roasted Soy Chicken $9.50 (small)

Golden Chicks Roasted Soy Chicken Wings

The roasted chicken had a more smokey taste and the sweet soy went swimmingly with them.

Both fried and roast chicken are marinated for 12hours and they only use 100% canola oil.

Golden Chicks Small Salad $2.50

Golden Chicks side Salad

Other sides include wedges and tornado potato. The salad was refreshing and the dressing was really yummy.

Golden Chicks own Towelettes

Golden Chicks Towelettes

Yes, you will end up needing these.

They deliver, accept text message orders and have party packs. From the reviews I have read about this place, anyone who tries it ends up returning and so will I.

Golden Chicks on Urbanspoon

Nic’s Shak

Nic's Shak Shop Front

The entrance of the Nic’s Shak is bright and colourful. Three guesses what they sell?

Nic’s Shak Interior

Nic's Shak

Nic’s reminds me on an old school burger bar and feels real homey.

Nic’s Shak Menu

Nic's Shak Menu

mmm Free sauces… more then one!

Nic’s Woodfired Pizza Menu

NIc's Shak Woodfired Pizza Menu

If you ask the owner nicely he will do a half n half pizza for you.

Nic’s Shak Drinks Menu

Nic's Shak Drinks Menu

Yes, you saw right. You can add an egg in your milkshake. When I asked the owner how many people have actually tried it, he said one. Apparently back in the day it was quite popular for people who want extra protein.

Nic’s Shak The Shak Burger $13.95

Nic's Shak The Shak Burger

Homemade giant beef patty with bacon, egg, cheese, mushrooms, and fried onions with veggies. The bun was so soft and soaked up all the juiciness of the burger patty. The patty was absolutely delicious. Beefy, herby and did I mention juicy?

Nic’s Woodfired Pizza $13

Nic's Shak Woodfired Half n Half

Half n half. Garlic Prawns and The Shak Pizza. Bacon, ham, cacciatore, sausage, red onions, olives, mushrooms, tomato, bocconcini, cheese.

The Shak Woodfired Pizza

Nic's Shak Woodfired The Shak Pizza

The Shak half of the pizza packed lots of meaty flavours and the red onion was a nice change.

Garlic Prawns Woodfired Pizza

Nic's Shak Woodfired Garlic Prawn Pizza

Bursty garlic-y prawns. Complimented by tangy tomato sauce.

Nic’s Shak Strawberry Milkshake $4.25, $0.50 extra from malt

Nic's Shak Strawberry Milkshake

Yummy. Perfect with the burger.

Nic's Pizza and Burger Shak on Urbanspoon

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  1. Kanni November 7, 2011 at 9:12 am Reply

    both look great! ^-^

    • littlemi November 7, 2011 at 12:15 pm Reply

      Both places need more love so please try it for urself ; )


  2. mztiff November 12, 2011 at 1:18 pm Reply

    what was the verdict on the chicken wings – sweet chilli or soy? :)

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