Banh Mi Thit and Sugarcane Battle Episode

You know when you’re doing an intense shopping session and feel so drained and hungry? Some people have a pie, some enjoy a kebab, others prefer a continental roll, but this is my ultimate snack to revitilise. The vietnamese fast food.

My lovely girlfriends agreed to join me on a Banh Mi Thit and Sugarcane Battle to find the best NOR joint for a Pork Roll and Sugarcane juice.

Banh Mi Thit Pork Rolls

Picture top to bottom: Pork Rolls from Nhu Mai, Nuoc Mia Mien Tay, Ben Thanh.

A Banh Mi Thit is a pork roll filled with a party of swine with pate and veggies on a crusty french style vietnamese bread roll. When I say party, any of the following can be used depending on where you get it. It could be one of the many variations of vietnamese ham called cha lua (also can be called pork loaf), pork belly slices, pork meatballs, nem noung (a bacon flavoured pink pork patty), char sui (bbq pork), grilled pork, headcheese and the list goes on. Chicken and sardines are usually available as the filling too.

Along with meat fillings, the bread is lathered with home-made pate and a butter lard mayo combination, cucumber, corriander, pickled carrot and finished off with soy sauce and the option of chilli.

In Perth there are a few places around that offer Banh Mi Thit so we narrowed it down to three NOR places which also sell fresh sugarcane juice.

Banh Mi Thit Pork Rolls Innards

Picture from left to right: Pork Rolls from Nhu Mai, Nuoc Mia Mien Tay, Ben Thanh.

Nhu Mai

Shop 1, Templeton Crescent & Marangaroo Drive,

Newpark Shopping Centre, Girrawheen

Nhu Mai Shop Front

Our first stop was Nhu Mai. Sugarcane juice wasn’t available but they do offer bubble tea. I’m not sure if it was for the day or if it’s permanently. To quickly overcome my disappointment, I moved onto the main attraction. We decided to go with combination pork rolls.

$5.00 for a combination roll.

Bread: A Viet style french bread roll, crunchy on the outside, hollow and soft inside.
Meat: Nem Ngoung, cha lau, headcheese and pork belly. Bi which is shredder pork skin and chicken is also available.
Sauce: A good blend of soy/pate/and juicy meat sauce.
Overall: A well balanced pork roll. Meaty, flavourful and crunchy. Option of chilli and spring onions available. Very meaty and satisfying.
Sugarcane: Not available.

Nhu Mai Display Fridge

Nhu Mai Display

In the display pork belly red roll, nem ngoung, bi (shredded pork skin), headcheese, cha lua chicken and veggies.

Nhu Mai Combination Pork Roll $5.00

Nhu Mai Banh Mi Thit Pork Roll

Nhu Mai Asian Snacks Available

Nhu Mai's Asian Snacks

Nuoc Mia Mien Tay

7/3 Wade Court (corner Girrawheen Avenue & Patrick Court),

Summerfield Shopping Centre, Girrawheen

Nuoc Mia Mien Tay Shop Front

Our next destination was just a couple of shops away from Nguyen Phat Farmer Jacks and they also sell bubble tea. The display is vibrant and this tiny shop smelt amazing upon entering. You can smell toasted bread and aroma of meat.

$5.00 for a combination roll.
$3.50 small and $5.00 large cup of sugarcane juice. $1.00 extra without ice.

Bread: An untraditional bread for pork roll. It was not as puffy as the others.
Meat: a meatball was mushed into the breadroll and then topped with pork belly, cha lua and nem ngoung.
Sauce: The red meatball sauce was use in the roll which looked amazing.
Overall: This did not taste like a traditional pork roll but it was tasty as hell.
Sugarcane: A machine at the back of the shop can be heard squeezing the sugarcane juice made fresh to order. Then topped with kumquat. Available in small for $3.50 or large for $5.00. The large cup was huge and looked very green and refreshing.

Nuoc Mia Mien Tay Display Fridge

Nuoc Mia Mien Tay Display

Nuoc Mia Mien Tay Combination Roll $5.00

Nuoc Mia Mien Lay Banh Mi Thit Pork Roll

Nuoc Mia Mien Tay Combination Roll Innards $5.00

Nuoc Mia Mien Tay Banh Mi Thit Pork Roll Innards

Nuoc Mia Mien Tay Fresh Large Sugarcane Juice No Ice $6.00

Nuoc Mia Sugarcane Juice no ice

Nuoc Mia Mien Tay Fresh Large Sugarcane Juice with Ice $5.00

Nuoc Mia Mien Tay Fresh Sugarcane Juice

Nuoc Mia Mien Tay Asian Snacks Available

Nuoc Mia Mien Tay Snacks

Ben Thanh

4/73 Honeywell Blvd,

Mirrabooka Village Shopping Centre, Mirrabooka

Ben Thanh Shop Front

$3.50 for a pork roll. $1 extra for extra pate, or double meat.
$3.50 cup sugarcane juice, $7.50 without ice.

Bread: The smallest yet crustiest roll of the three. Extra soft inside.
Meat: Pork belly and cha lua.
Sauce: Their own red sauce, with home-made pate and butter lard.
Overall: Stronger pate taste with sweet thick cut carrots. Nice and simple combo of meat. Their chillis are VERY hot and the smallest.
Sugarcane: Very green, sweet and potent. Squeezed infront of you and topped with a kumquat.

Ben Thanh Menu

Ben Thanh Menu

Ben Thanh Pork Roll $3.50

Ben Thanh Banh Mi Thit Pork Roll

Ben Thanh Banh Mi Thit $3.50 and Sugarcane Juice without Ice $7.50

Ben Thanh Banh Mi Thit and Sugarcane Juice

Ben Thanh’s Sugarcane Juice Machine

Ben Thanh Sugarcane Juice Machine

Ben Thanh’s Sugarcane with ice $3.50

Ben Thanh Fresh Sugarcane Juice

Ben Thanh on Urbanspoon

We all took a vote and the winner goes to:

1st Nhu Mai

Although it was a very, very close call, the extra meat content in a Nhu Mai pork roll adds extra flavour and won our votes. It was the roll we could not stop eating.

The close second….

2nd Ben Thanh

Ben Thanh’s sugarcane juice may have won us over but Nhu Mai’s pork roll had more of a kick. Ben Thanh is a lot cheaper and if we had got double meat the result might have been different.

3rd Ngouc Mai

We wanted this shop to win because of the aroma and the appeal of the open shop display, but in the end we felt that the bread was not as traditional. We even changed the mind of a previous fan. 

Thank you to my lovely ladies Kanni, MzTiff and Foodie Cravings for an amazing experience!

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Comments: 6

  1. mztiff September 21, 2011 at 11:16 pm Reply

    so much nom! next time, we should find the best peking duck NOR 😉

  2. Kanni September 22, 2011 at 12:33 pm Reply

    great review :) was an absolute joy to participate! went back to Nhu Ma last Sunday hehe 😛

  3. Mrs Marling December 24, 2011 at 9:56 am Reply

    Thanks so much for posting. My husband and I often go for BMT roadtrips thru the burbs looking for the best ones!

    • littlemi December 26, 2011 at 6:52 pm Reply

      It was my pleasure Trang. Thanks for reading.


  4. Carissa June 21, 2015 at 11:09 pm Reply

    I often come to Ben Tahn’s on Honeywell for lunch with my husband during the week, or take a roll with me to work. They are very very tasty, and use the freshest of freshest bread rolls. The sugar cane juice is a nice accompaniment.

    • LMB July 26, 2015 at 12:13 pm Reply

      Definitely! Ben Thanhs is still my favourite roll and I think their sugar cane is the sweetest.

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