Ria Leederville

Roti quest yet again! I was expecting a posh, average restaurant since it’s situated in Leederville, however I was pleasantly surprised with my dining experience here. It’s not the most authentic Malaysian restaurant around, but it’s pretty tasty.

Ria Menu

Ria Menu

A very nice and cosy setting.

Ria Roti with Satay Sauce $2.50 each

Ria Roti with Satay Sauce

The roti was crispy and crackling as you break into it. It tasted amazing but I can’t help but think they are the frozen one’s you get at the asian supermarkets. Either way they went swimmingly with the satay sauce.

They offer any sauce that accompany any of the starter dishes for you to dip your roti.

Ria’s Pork Rib Nibbles $15.50

Ria Pork Rib Nibbles

These was fantastic. I could have eaten a kilo of these. The marinade was very sweet and you can taste the nice crust of herbs with every bite.

Ria Nyonya Chicken Curry $20.50

Ria Nyonya Chicken Curry

This was not a authetic Malaysian curry, but it’s still good! The spices in it are nice, it’s rich, hot and had big pieces of tender chicken.

It was a lovely meal with great service. I will definately come back to try other dishes on the menu.

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  1. foodie cravings July 9, 2011 at 7:35 pm Reply

    I loved the pork nibbles too and agree re lack of authenticness but it’s good for what it is :)

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