Gopi Curry Leaf in Willeton

It’s now time to appreciate Perth again! I am on the hunt, yet again, for Perth’s best Roti. I was due for a visit to Fremantle so I thought I’d swing pass Gopi Curry Leaf. I’ve always wanted to try roti dipped in Butter Chicken.

Gopi Curry Leaf is located in Willeton and unless you have specific instructions and have seen pictures of what the shop looks like, it’s easy to miss.

Gopi Curry Leaf Menu

Gopi Curry Leaf Menu

They have a special menu for weekends which includes Nasi Lemak.

2 pieces of Roti Prata $5

Gopi Leaf Prata or Roti

This Roti Prata was very crispy. It is freshly made and was very tasty. The curry dipping sauce to accompany the prata was sweet, sour and spicy. This was very enjoyable.

Warmer of Curries

Gopi Leaf Curry Warmer

All the curries looked appetising enough.

Nasi Lemak $6.00

Gopi Leaf Nasi Lemak

The Nasi was very average. I prefer boiled eggs with my Nasi instead of a little piece of fried. The rice overcooked and was very bland. I guess for $6 it was not bad?

Watered Down Curry Combo $13.00

Gopi Leaf Watered Down Curry

We had the Butter Chicken and the Lamb Curry. I’d rather have stingy portions then watered down curry. Both curry’s were nothing special. The pieces of meat did not taste right, the lamb was chewy and the chicken did not have any flavour. Both curries were bland and they tasted watered down. We went around 9am so it’s not as if it was the end of the day.

The Most Watered Down Ice Milo Ever $2.50 approx.

Gopi Leaf Watered Down Iced Milo

I’ve had some watered down Ice Milo’s in my day but this was by far the worse!

Overall the Roti Prata was amazing but I would not go out of my way to eat here again.

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  1. AJ@Kampong September 5, 2011 at 11:31 am Reply

    Yay! Looks yummy. I would want to try this at home. Thank you for sharing your Roti Prata food experience. 😉

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