Sydney Eating Episode Day 3

Day 3 started off with the breakfast of champions from Superbowl and finished off with the dinner of champions….  chinese banquet.

My Uncle and Aunty have been going to Emperor’s Garden Seafood for over a decade now and not only do they do delicious Dim Sum, they serve an epic chinese banquet.

Please excuse me for my lack of description and pricing as I was too involved with the family and the food…

Free Peanuts and Tea

Emperor's Tea and Nuts

Free salted nuts anyone?

Soup of the Day

Emperor's Soup

Most chinese restaurants will serve a nice and hearty soup for the first course. It a nice a light broth with bones and veggies or preserved veggies.

Steamed Oysters with XO Sauce  and BACON BITS

Emperor's Steamed XO Oysters

Steamed fresh, juicy fat oysters topped with garlic vermicelli in a XO sauce and sprinkled with bacon bits.

Steamed Ginger Oysters

Emperor's Steamed Ginger Oysters

A gentle ginger and soy combination topped with herbs.

2 kg of Lobster with E Fu Noodles

Emperor's Lobster with E Fu Noodles

This sauce was the bomb. It was loaded with butter, garlic and onions. With the lobster being quickly deep-fried first, the sauce is absorbs by the batter and the noodles.

My First Portion

Emperor's Lobster with E Fu Noodles

I’m the type of girl who spends her time picking out every lobster or crab leg for any traces of meat. I may get the shells all over myself by the end of it, but it’s worth it.

Fujian or Fukien Fried Rice

Emperor's Fujian or Fukien Fried Fried Rice

Ever feel like fried rice is a bit dry? Well the clever town of Fujian in China invented this dish. An asian-like gravy sauce filled with yummy bits of meat and vegetables underneath a bed of fried rice. This was my first exposure to this dish and I can’t help but wonder why I haven’t discovered it sooner.

Wasabi Beef

Emperor's Wasabi Beef

I’m not a fan of wasabi, however this dish was a treat. It was not overpowering like I expected and in fact the sauce only had a hint of wasabi. The beef was tender and perfect with mayo.

Steamed Whole Fish

Emperor's Steamed Fish

Always a winner.

Salt & Pepper Chilli Prawns

Emperor's Chilli Pepper Prawns

Another favourite.

Fruit Plate

Emperor's Fruit Plate

Complimentary Biscuits

Emperor's Complimentary Biscuits

Buttery- flakey biscuits.

More Complimentary Dessert?

Emperor's Tofu Fa

No complaints here! The Tofu Fa was really smooth and the sugar syrup was not too rich.

Meet Fresh Noodle Special

Meet Fresh Noodle Dessert

After dinner it was time for me to show my aunt and uncle something I discovered… Meet Fresh. They loved it.

Meet Fresh Signature Herbal Dessert

Meet Fresh Signature Herbal Dessert

I just can’t get enough….


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