Sydney Eating Episode Day 1

The time has finally come to visit my other home sweet home… Sydney! It was the first time my boyfriend has visited Sydney, so I was very excited to be his personal tour guide with the help of my local family members.

Most people plan out an itinerary, being a big foodie I had a ‘Food Itinerary’ and unfortunately, we could not cover the whole list.

Our hotel was located near Chinatown. It was only a two minute walk to Market City, where Wednesdays to Sundays, Paddy’s Markets are held on the bottom floor.

Entry to Chinatown

Sydney Chinatown

Oh what sweet childhood memories I have of this place…

Harry’s Cafe De Wheels Haymarket

Harry Cafe De Wheels Haymarket

I would give anything to have Harry’s Cafe De Wheels in Perth. The most perfect meal I can think of after a late night out. It opens till 4am on Fridays and Saturday nights!

WARNING: Bring a bib and handwipes… it gets very messy from here (drool included).


Harry Cafe De Wheels Haymarket Menu

I asked “What does the ‘Tiger’ stand for?”. The shop assistant said she’s not exactly sure but we decided it’s the concept of sauce, on top of mushies peas, on top of mash.

Harry’s Cafe De Wheels Famour Curry Tiger $5.90

Curry Tiger

Their famous curry pie with mash, mushy peas and thick brown gravy.

Hot Dog De Wheels

Hot Dog De Wheels

Their famous hot dog, with chilli corn carne, garlic onions, mushy peas, yummy cheese sauce and chilli sauce.

Harry's Cafe de Wheels on Urbanspoon

Y2K Fish Ball Station

Y2K Chilli Fish Balls

This dessert house is not only good for their variety of bubble tea flavours and desserts, but they also specialise in skewers. The skewers are perfect for snacking and my favourite is the ‘Chilli Fish Balls’. The fish balls are boiling in a huge pot so the flavour is seeped in and it’s steaming hot.

Chilli Fish Ball Skewer $3

Y2K Chilli Fish Balls

These fishballs had a bite to it. It tasted like a chilli-curry sauce and it was very juicy.


Meetfresh Chinatown Signature

Meetfresh is a new Taiwanese dessert shop. There is a line out the door no matter what time or day you come and with one taste you will know why. What sets them apart from the rest is they hand make their taro balls with the fresh ingredients and no added preservatives.

Taro balls are similar to sago balls in texture. Sago balls, also known as ‘pearls’, are a starchy chewy ball commonly seen in bubble tea.

I find that some people may be put off by the gooey textures of sago balls and jellies found in asian desserts and drinks if it’s unfamiliar to them. It doesn’t help that I joke that sago balls come out of sago worms.

Meetfresh Signature Herbal Dessert with extra Noodle $5.5o plus 50c extra toppings Available Hot or Cold

Meetfresh Chinatown Signature Herbal Dessert

Grass jelly, taro balls, noodles.

Meetfresh Cafe Creme for all Grass Jelly Desserts

Meetfresh Chinatown Cafe Creme

This on it’s own did not taste like anything, but if desired when mixed through with the dessert gives a creamy taste.

Meetfresh Signature Herbal Dessert Innards

Meetfresh Chinatown Signature Herbal Dessert with Cafe Creme

Mix it all together with the bottom layer of brown sugar ice, to create an amazing dessert. The flavour of the handmade taro balls are to die for and the grass jelly is the best I’ve ever tasted.

Meet Fresh on Urbanspoon

Emperor’s Puff Window

Emperor's Famour Puff Window

This tiny window is home to a hard working employer who churns these custard puffs all day long.

Emperor’s Puff Machine

Emperor's Puff Machine

And the machine.

Emperor’s Puffs $3 for 12

Emperor's Famour Puff

Golden and crispy on the outside. On a small note, there are only 11 puffs not because they miscounted, but because one had been eaten before I could even get a picture.

Emperor’s Puff Innards

Emperor's Famour Puff Innards

Oozing hot custard innards. These are very addictive and you can’t stop at one.

Oporto Haymarket

Oporto's Chinatown Bondi Burger Poster

Not having any stores in Perth we had to try a burger from Oporto.

Oporto’s Bondi Burger with Extra Chilli Sauce

Oporto's Chinatown Bondi Burger with Extra Chilli Sauce

A very good chicken burger with a very addictive sauce.

Oporto's Chinatown Chips

Crunchy tasty chips.

Greek Festival of Sydney Stalls

Greek Festival of Sydney

Shortly after our food adventures around chinatown, I showed my boyfriend around Darling Harbour where the Greek Festival of Sydney was being held.

Bougatsa $5

Greek Festival of Sydney Bougatsa

Crispy filo pastry with a custard center. Dusted with icing sugar.

Loukoumades and Elioplta Stand

Greek Festival of Sydney Loukoumades

Loukoumades are honey soaked greek doughnuts.

Greek Festival of SydneyLoukoumades

Crispy sweet doughnuts dusted with cinnamon.

Lamb Souvlakia with a Bread Roll $5

Greek Festival of Sydney Lamb Souvlakia with Bread Roll

The bread roll is still warm and there is BBQ sauce so you can make your own Lamb Souvlakia roll if you wanted.

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