Super Bowl Chinese Restaurant Chinatown

A true Asian breakfast of champions is served as early as 7.30am! Congee, freshly made deep-fried bread sticks and dim sum. I think of Congee when I’m feeling for something hearty and warm in my belly for breakfast.

Breakfast Combo Menu

Superbowl Breakfast Menu

Not only is the food outstanding but cheap too.

Display of Congee Ingredients

Superbowl Congee Ingredients

Fresh ingredients ready to be cooked up with delicious congee.

Preserved Egg and Pork Congee with Deep Fried Bread Stick $7.00 Combo B

Superbowl Combo B Preserved & Pork Congee

Combo B for $7.00 you get the congee, bread stick and rice noodles. What a bargain. What a dish. The Congee was thick yet smooth and stocky. The flavour was so nice alone I did not need to add soy sauce like I normally would.

Almost always is congee served with deep-fried bread sticks. The perfect way to soak up all the congee, like you would with buttered bread and pumpkin soup.

Congee is known as rice porridge in Asian countries and unlike the western porridge it’s normally savoury. It should taste like a thick soup. My favourite accompaniments are soy sauce and meat floss.

Steamed Rice Noodles

Superbowl Combo B Steamed Rice Noodles

I’ve tried these loads of times before, but this was my first time having it topped with a special peanut sauce and it went very with the dark sauce.

Pan-fried Shallot Pancake with Egg $5.50 Combo G

Superbowl Combo G Shallot Pancake with Egg

Combo G consists of a pan-fried shallot pancake and hot or cold soy milk.

Pastry and eggy goodness.

Hot Soy Milk

Superbowl Combo G Hot Soy Milk

Served with sugar for those who like it sweet.

It was an amazing breakfast and their quality of food lasts all the way into the late night. I was gutted I didn’t have the chance to try their famous Chilli XO Clams.

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    Where is this exactly located? Prices are affordable :) Nice! Thanks for sharing this post.

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      Super Bowl is in Chinatown, Sydney. Thank you for commenting =D


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