Ramen-Kan Haymarket

This is one of those restaurants located on level 2, and to get up, you have to get on a tiny elevator. There are only about a dozen small tables so the waitstaff were very quick and efficient.

Ramen-Kan Menu

Ramen-Kan Menu

Sorry for my lack of memory on the prices as I was too anxious to try ramen in Sydney.

Lychee Calpris $3.50

Ramen-Kane Lychee Calpris

A very nice japanese soda with lychee flavour.

Pork Gyoza’s $6 approx.

Ramen-Kan Gyoza

The Gyoza’s are pan-fried to crispiness on the outside, and was moist and silky on the inside.

Chilli Takoyaki $5.50

Ramen-Kan Chilli Takoyaki

The sauce was very tangy and tasty. It was a nice change because most Perth restaurants who offer this dish, serve it with japanese BBQ sauce and mayo.

Tonkotsu Ramen $11.80

Ramen-Kan Tonkotsu Ramen

The soup was thick. The noodles were slightly overcooked.

Crab and Corn Ramen $12 approx.

Ramen-Kan Corn and Crab Ramen

The broth was sweeter because of the combination of crab and corn.

I love it how all ramen restaurants have those giant spoons. I really want to find out where I can get one!

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