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There has been a lot of talk about the uprising sushi joint and with one visit you will know why. Not only is it the home of the famous Cheeseburger Sushi, it is also the first of it’s kind in Perth where you can create your own sushi box. You select your choice of cute individually wrapped sushi or nigiri and you do not have to settle for unwanted pieces you normally would with the pre-made boxes.

The decor is fun, fresh and colourful. The staff are upbeat, friendly and are more then happy to talk you through their concept and their hot menu, which I have not had the pleasure of trying, but it looks fabulous.

Salmon and Eel Nigiri $2 approx.

Ikusushi Eel and Salmon Nigiri

A very clean and enjoyable way to have bites of your favourite nigiri. Simply pull the plastic apart by the both ends.

Panko Onion Rings $4.95

Ikusushi Panko Onion Rings

Simply the best onion rings I’ve ever eaten at a restaurant. This is made fresh to order so it’s always piping hot. Large, crispy onion pieces and complemented beautifully by their house sauce and salad.

Cheeseburger Beef Sushi $7.50

Ikusushi Cheeseburger Beef Sushi

This is what an asian cheeseburger looks like. Deep fried sushi roll of beef and cheese centred sushi where with every bite, the cheese comes oozing out. You would think the texture of the rice would change after such treatment, but on the contrary, the rice was fluffy and chewy and at perfect temperature.

It is serve with their mayo and I like to add a bit of soy sauce.

Warning: One person should not consume more then four pieces at one sitting. Even though it’s incredibly tasty, like anything deep fried, it should be portion controlled.

Cheeseburger Chicken Sushi $7.50

Ikusushi Cheeseburger Chicken Sushi

Exactly like the Cheeseburger Beef Sushi but with chicken.

The outside batter on both of the Cheeseburger sushi reminds me of good fish and chips.

Ribenna Jelly Cup with Marshmallow $2 approx.

Ikusushi Ribenna Jelly Cup with Marshmellow

A very refreshing jelly cup for Perth’s hot weather at the moment and the marshmallow topping was like the icing on top of a cake.

Fridge of Individual Wrapped Nigiri

Ikusushi Fridge of Nigiri and Good Stuff

Lots of nigiri flavours to meet everyone’s taste buds. For those of you who do not like nori or seaweed, some of the nigiri’s are wrapped with a slice of cucumber instead. How clever.

Fridge of Other Goodies

Ikusushi Fridge of Goodies

This includes $1 bottles of water, salads, fruit salads and other drinks.

This place would be very dangerous for me around lunchtimes. This is a must try for the adventurous sushi lovers.
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