Cicerello’s in Mandurah

To end such an amazing day at the Mandurah CrabFest, my boyfriend and I decided to have dinner at Cicerello’s and enjoyed the fireworks from the top balcony.

Our food had just arrived as the fireworks started. I don’t remember if we were more excited about our food or if the kid’s around the restaurant were more excited about the fireworks.

Salad and Cold Seafood Fridge

Cicerello's Salad and Cold Seafood 120311

‘Here’s one we prepared earlier’

Warmer of Deep Fried Goodness

Cicerello's Deep Fried Warmer 120311

Squid rings, prawns, crabsticks, fish and chips ready for the serving.

Chilli Mussels and Crab $38.50

Cicerello's Chilli Mussels and Crab 120311

This came out on a silver platter! Served with not a piece of bread, but a loaf of garlic bread. The flavour of this dish was out of this world. It tasted like a mixture of Singapore Crab and Chilli Mussels combined. It was a huge portion so make sure you have someone to help you for the weak at heart.

Cicerello's Chilli Mussels and Crab 120311

Seafood Basket $15approx.

Cicerello's Seafood Basket 120311

Fish and Chips with five squid rings, two prawns, one crabstick and one pineapple fritter. This was not as piping hot as we would have expected from Cicerello’s so it was lacking the crispy batter. It must have been a busy night or the food had been left there too long.

Deep Fried Scallops $2.40 each

Cicerello's Deep Fried Scallops 120311

These on the other hand, were freshly deep fried because they are made to order.

The highlight was definitely the Chilli Mussel and Crab ‘platter’. To make sure you get fish and chips at their best, try to come when it’s not so busy.

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