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09 February 2015 ~ 4 Comments

Gusto Gelato Leederville

I’m in love… and when I fall in love with a place… I fall hard. I tried Gusto Gelato for the first time on January 24th and have returned twice a week since. All the gelato flavours are made in house and from natural ingredients depending on what’s in season.

Gusto Street View

Gusto Gelato Shop

Gusto Flavours

Gusto Gelato Flavours

Gusto Gelato Flavours

The Gusto $5 one scoop

Gusto Gelato

The Gusto flavour tastes like a snicker’s bar. The end.

Salted Caramel & Coconut Milk and Mango $8 two scoops

Gusto Gelato

The salted caramel is one of their most popular flavours and although salted caramel has been done to death, Gusto’s version tastes like real caramel and real sea salt.

One of my favourite and most refreshing flavours is the coconut milk and mango. It’s creamy and milky but not too rich.

Left Cookie Monster & Salted Caramel right Pineapple Lime & Pavlova two scoops

Gusto Gelato

Cookie Monster has a medley of cookies and cookie dough while the fruity flavours have real crushed fruit

Front Peach

Gusto Gelato

left Cookie Monster & Rocky Road right Cooconut Milk and Mango & Apple Pie

Gusto Gelato Apple Pie

So the reason I’ve got a love affair with Gusto at the moment can be explained in the picture above. I ordered a scoop of Apple Pie and when you look in the kitchen there’s two freshly baked apple pies in the background proving that they only use fresh ingredients. No artificial ingredients here.

3 Bears

Gusto Gelato 3 Bears

Honey gelato with tiny teddies in a cone.

Gusto Gelato Prices

Gusto Gelato Menu

Gusto Gelato menu

Gusto Gelato Menu

I’ve tried at least half of the flavours on offer and I can honestly say nothing has disappointed me.

The shop is hot from the fridges but it’s worth the heat and wait because their gelato stays surprisingly firm even with Perth’s scorching heat.

Gusto Gelato on Urbanspoon

21 January 2015 ~ 0 Comments

Mount Lawley Month: Salsas Taco Tuesday

When I think of tight-ass Tuesdays…some things that come to mind are cheap movie tickets, half price Gelares waffles and cheap steak nights…. but by far, my favourite is Taco Tuesdays at Salsas. Every Tuesday, Salsas offers $2 tacos.. yes that’s right, $2 tacos.

Taco Menu

Salsas Taco Menu

You can choose between soft or hard shell tacos. They also offer gluten free soft shells.

Salsas $2 Taco Tuesdays

In the back left to right: hard habanero steak, two soft fish tacos.
the front left to right: soft chicken, hard chicken, soft classic beef

Habanero Steak – comes with red cabbage, black beans and a very spicy habanero sauce.

Fish tacos – comes with a deep fried battered fish fillet, caramelised onions and a sweet pineapple and mango salsa.

Chicken chipotle – guacamole, salsa fresca and chipotle salsa.

Classic Taco – comes with their texas beef, cheese, lettuce, salsa fresca & ranch sauce.

$2 Tacos

Salsas $2 Taco Tuesdays

The flavours have changed over time, so I’m going to mention my favourite flavour which they have taken off the menu. Carnita was a slow cooked pork with pineapple and mango salsa which they have now replaced with the fish tacos.

Mexicrinkles $3.50 regular

Salsas Mexicrinkles

I crave Salsa’s one of a kind mexicrinkle chips all the time. The crinkle cut chips hold their secret spices which is a mild salty and slightly sweet blend.

Carritos Drinks $4

Salsas $2 Taco Tuesdays

Gauva and Mango Carritos. These sugary delights are made with cane sugar.

The lines get pretty long around dinner time so make sure you come a bit earlier if you want to secure a seat. I’ve been going heaps and the most I can eat in one sitting is four.

Salsa's Mexican Grill on Urbanspoon

13 January 2015 ~ 0 Comments

Mount Lawley Month: Paella Republica

The name pretty much says it all… Paella Republica specialises in paella. They also do amazing churros. This new kid on the block offers a casual and laidback atmosphere for a meal if you like either of the two.

Big Pans Ready

Paella Republica Big Pans

The big pans are hot and ready to go before you even enter, so there’s little waiting time.


Paella Republica Menu

There are four flavours to choose from depending on what day you go. Chicken and Chorizo, Meatballs, Vegan and Seafood.

Del Mar Seafood Paella $15.90 large only available

Paella Republica Seafood

As advertised, only made once a week with love. The Paella is filled with juicy squid, prawns, mussels and a fat piece of fish. The rice was a lightly spiced flavoured with sweet peas, green capsicum and tomatoes served in a cute mini paella pan.

Seville A Bit of Everything $10.90 for small

Paella Republica

Same rice base with chicken, chorizo and meatballs. I found this a bit dry compared to the seafood, maybe because that paella has more juices from the seafood? Regardless, the taste was good and a bargain at $10.90 for a Regular, the Large is $15.90.

Para Dos $14.90 choice of two chocolate dipping sauces

Paella Republica

The Churros for two consist of six crunchy churros lightly sugared with cinnamon sugar. Crunchy edges on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside. These churros are better than San Churros…. Don’t hate me.

For the choice of chocolate I chose milk and white belgian chocolate.

Paella Republica on Urbanspoon

12 January 2015 ~ 2 Comments

Mount Lawley Month: BB a Pop Up

It’s been a long time since my last post… since then, I’ve relocated to Mount Lawley! This month I’ll be dedicating all posts to my favourite Mount Lawley eats.

I’ve also started watching the cartoon series Bob’s Burgers and it makes me crave burgers all the time.


BB a Pop Up Decor

BB a Pop Up Decor

BB, with it’s mismatch retro decor provides a fun casual dining atmosphere. While you wait for your food, you can play foosball or the arcade machine for free.


BB a Pop Up Menu

BB The Boss Burger $15

BB a Pop Up

It starts with a brioche bun. A soft, sweet bun with a unique grill patch at the top. Then the juicy beef patty cooked medium is combined with cripsy bacon, american style melted cheese, sweet onion, tomato and lettuce with a tangy BBQ mayo sauce. The brioche bun is amazing.

The Boss Burger Innards

BB a Pop Up The Boss Burger

The Boss Burger with Chips $3.50

BB a Pop Up The Boss

Milkshakes $5.50 with Ice Cream and Malt $1 extra

BB a Pop Up Milkshakes

Be careful if you get their delicious thick milkshakes takeaway, you will finish it before you get home… guaranteed. Flavours include strawberry, caramel and chocolate.

Takeaway Milkshakes

BB a Pop Up Milkshakes

Free Sauces

BB a Pop Up Sauces

Now I’ve never been to America, but I imagine this will be the closest in Perth to an American burger with it’s brioche bread, american cheese, milkshakes and thin and crispy chips. BB won’t be sticking around for long as it’s a pop up, so please give it a try while you can!


BB, a pop up on Urbanspoon

09 June 2013 ~ 2 Comments

Miss Kitty’s Saloon – Canadian Eh?

Every now and then I stumble across something which makes me want to wake up and blog…. Miss Kitty’s Saloon is one of them on this said day. If you’re looking for a place with great food and service…..  Miss Kitty’s Saloon will blow your mind.

Miss Kitty’s Saloon is a tapas style venue with a wood-fire oven inside. The decor is super cute with stumps for tables, hanging chairs and cowboy and cowgirl toilets.

Miss Kitty’s Saloon Menu

Miss Kitty's Saloon Menu

The waitress was quick and found us a table right away and food and drinks were served promptly. Being that it was my first time, the one thing which stood out for me was when asking for recommendations, all the waitresses had a clear understanding of each menu item and described it to us it in a way that made our mouths water.

Hot Wing Pancakes $4.00 each

Miss Kitty's Saloon Hot Wing Pancakes

Handmade mini pancakes with deboned hot  wings. This was nice and crispy, I would have preferred it minus the blue cheese. I’ve decided I do not like blue cheese.

Close-up: Hot Wing Pancakes

Miss Kitty's Saloon Hot Wing Pancakes

The chicken inside was juicy but I did find a tiny small bone.

Prawn Cocktail and Pig Head Nuggets $19.00

Miss Kitty's Saloon Prawn Cocktail and Pig Head Nuggets

The chilled prawns came with a nice cocktail sauce, but the highlight of this dish was the pig head nuggets. Crispy, tasty and moorish. I could eat a whole bowl of these. The inside had a soft crunchy pig texture which was amazing.

Pickled Peach Slaw $9

Miss Kitty's Saloon Pickled Peach Slaw

Fresh thinly sliced slaw with a tangy peach dressing. It went really nicely with our pig.

Roast Suckling Pig $36

Miss Kitty's Saloon Roast Suckling Pig

So so suckling…. this pork is amazing. The skin was so crispy and the meat was really soft. Served with a relish and two flat breads. It tasted like a corn bread variety.

Miss Kitty's Saloon Roast Suckling Pig

Underneath all this was a dark jus which soaked up the bread.

Poutine $12

Miss Kitty's Saloon Poutine Chips

Frites, gravy and curds. GENIUS! I’ve always wanted to try this Canadian classic and it did not disappoint. They make their curd on premise mmm the curds tasted light and fluffy.

The Bill

Miss Kitty's Saloon Bill

Miss Kitty’s Saloon sets you back about $50 including a drink but it’s definately worth the money.

Miss Kitty's Saloon on Urbanspoon

29 January 2013 ~ 3 Comments


Sharing is caring… so you know when food blogs make you want to eat things off your screen? Now you can with mine!

I’ve started my small business in catering under “Little Miss Baking” and would love to extend my services to you for any occasions. Here are photos of my previous jobs, those of you who follow my blog would know I like to make everything with extra love. Please enjoy and email me should you have any other enquires and if you would be so kind to like my facebook page I will make sure the bacon fairy pays you a visit.

Crust Mount Lawley 1st Birthday

Crust 1st Birthday

To celebrate the thriving business of Crust Mount Lawley, I was asked to make their 1st birthday cupcakes.  The flavours chosen were vanilla bean and red velvet.

Crust 1st Birthday Cupcake Tower

For a personal touch to the cupcakes, I used red for the buttercream to match their logo. I also branded them with Crust 1st birthday cupcake toppers.

Crust 1st Birthday Order

The finished product.

Crust 1st Birthday Cupcakes with Toppers

Crust Super “Stars” Medals

Crust Stars

What a better way to congratulate someone than to give them something edible?  For the Crust Christmas Party, I made edible sugar cookie medal “Stars” which were handed out to standout Crust employees.

Tiffanys & Co Brithday Cupcakes

Tiffanys & Co Birthday Cupcake

Each cupcake is designed by yours truely.

Tiffanys & Co Birthday Cupcakes with Fondant

Fondant cupcakes. Handmade Tiffany’s bracelet with box, rings, charms, boxes and bows. The rings also include edible diamonds.

Tiffanys & Co Birthday Cupcakes Blue Top

Diamond topped glittered cupcake.

Tiffanys & Co Birthday Cupcakes Two Tone Blue Rose

Two toned teal buttercream rose.

Tiffanys & Co Birthday Cupcakes the making of

The planning.

Tiffanys  & Co Fondant Bows

Assembly of bows.

Sarah’s Hens High Tea

Sarah's Hens Raspberry Melting Moments

Melting moments. These were such a hit that she requested 240 more pieces for her wedding bon voyage!

Sarah's Hens High Tea

I had a partner in crime for this job, MzTiff. We also did picnic sandwiches, hedgehog slices, scones, palmiers, pink profiteroles, sausage rolls and cheese toast. It was a fantastic pink party.

Sarah's Hens High Tea Palmiers

Butter and cinnamon palmiers, pink profiteroles in the background.

Linda’s Birthday Macaron Tower

Linda's Birthday Macaron Tower

The macarons with letters on them are green tea flavour. The others are coconut and pandan flavour with a berry surprise.

Linda's Birthday Macarons

The assembly line of macarons.

Stacey’s Birthday Cookie Monster Cupcakes

Stacey's Cookie Monster Cupcakes

This goofy coconut cupcake is matched with coloured shredded coconut and buttercream stuffed with a chocolate chip cookie.

Stacey's Birthday Cookie Monster Cupcakes

Om nom nom

Linda’s  Birthday Croquembouche

Linda's Birthday Croquembouche

During my obsession with Masterchef period, I made a free standing croquembouche. Homemade profiteroles with vanilla bean custard and the  drizzling glue of fresh made toffee. People were actually requesting for doggie bags!

My next post will be about all my savoury adventures and also a few bacon creations.

05 July 2012 ~ 4 Comments

Sundays Everyday

Sundays Everyday is opened everyday except Sundays. Reknown for their deep fried monsterous pieces of karaage, this is the most generous and golden Japanese restaurant South of the river and it’s always packed.

Katsu Curry Chicken $8.90

Sundays Everyday Katsu Curry Chicken

The thing I love most about this place is their batter. They must double coat it or something because it’s always unbelievably crispy and crunchy. Their Katsu Chicken Curry consist of giant pieces of panko crumbed chicken and a pool of curry gravy. I had to literally dig to find my rice underneath. The few bites of pea and fukujinzuke, which is a red pickle relish, added some sweetness to the dish.

I actually could not manage to finish this whole dish and left two lonely pieces of katsu chicken.

Mixed Bento Terriyaki Chicken and Karaage Chicken $15.00

Sundays Everyday Mix Bento

For the mixed bento my bf got the Terriyaki Chicken and Karaage Chicken. The terriyaki sauce was thick, sweet and perfect with a few drops of lemon. The famous Karaage chicken was huge, well seasoned and bursting hot.

Again the the sizes are huge! Not only in portion but the pieces of chicken as well. Not as bite-size as I would have liked for easier eating but maybe good for growing boys. This place is always packed around lunch time so be prepared to have to scope out for a table.

Water, chilli sauce and chilli powder is free to help cut through the grease.

Sundays Everyday on Urbanspoon

05 July 2012 ~ 4 Comments

Deep Fried Cheese Night Episode

Girls Night! The only thing that could make girls night even better with my favourite girls is delicious, heart clogging comfort foods. Tonights theme is Deep Fried Cheese. We all chose our favourite cheeses and sauces and then came together with some wicked concoctions.

Our Table

Our Table

We had some crusty bread and hommus to cut through the grease.


Glistening in the background are my Mozzarella Cheese and Bacon Spring Rolls and plain Mozzarella Spring Rolls. Lightly crumbed and seasoned sticks of mozzarella, rolled in spring roll pastry and then deep fried until golden.

The sauces we chose were ranch, dynamite, tomato salsa, mango chutney and blueberry jam.

Dynamite sauce is a mix of Sirachi chilli sauce and Kewpie Mayonaise.

Double Panko Crumbed Camembert Cheese

Deep Fried Camembert

Wedges of creamy camembert encrusted in crunchy panko crumbs.

Deep Fried Feta in Buttered Batter

Deep Fried Australia Feta

Cubes of australian feta deep fried in a batter similar to fish and chip batter, with a hint of butter.

Grilled Haloumi Cheese with Salad

Salad with Haloumi

Not everything was deep fried so don’t be alarmed! I whipped up a quick bruschetta style salad with dice tomato, cucumber, fresh paprika, red onions and garlic with a light salad dressing.

The grilled haloumi was on the darker side but still good.

Grilled Marinaded Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings

These wings were courtesy of MzTiff for a meat element to the night.

My Plate

My Plate

Yes, there was some leftover bacon strips so we grilled it up to nibble at like chips. Also on my plate were cheese and bacon spring roll, camembert, chicken wing, haloumi salad and bread.

Now for the money shots!

Deep Fried Camembert Cheese Innards

Deep Fried Camembert

Deep Fried Feta in Buttered Batter

Deep Fried Feta Innards

Mozzarella Cheese and Bacon Spring Rolls Innards

Cheese and Bacon Spring Rolls Innards

Deep Fried Mini Mars Bar, Toasted Marshmallows and Napoleon Ice Cream with Fresh Strawberry

Deep Fried Mars Bar, Toasted Marshmallow, Ice Cream and Fresh Strawberries

Need I say more? For those of you who have not had a deep fried Mars Bars before it is an explosion of chocolate and caramel in your mouth barely contained in a light batter.

Deep Fried Mini Mars Bar Innards

Deep Fried Mars Bar Innards

Toasted Marshmallow Innards

Toasted Marshmallow Innards

Stringy webs of sweet melted marshmallow.

By now you probably think this is an overkill of food and it looks sickening, however as we paced ourselves and only served small portions…. it was just the right amount of deep fried food with a little bit of wine

12 June 2012 ~ 3 Comments

Milkd North Perth

I had another rare occasion where I had enough time to wake up in time for a weekday breakfast. The little strip on Angrove Street in North Perth caught our eye and the winner was Milkd, although the sweets were very tempting from Fiorentina.

Milkd North Perth Menu

Milkd North Perth Menu

The menu is simple and has the basic breakfast components.

Bacon Stack $15.90

Milkd Bacon Stack

The bacon stack comes with two rashers of bacon, two poached eggs, rocket, tomato over sourdough bread. It could have done with more bacon but maybe thats just me being greedy. The egg was runny, the tomato was very fresh and the simple flavours were not too heavy to start the day.

Milkd Beans $15.90 with a side of Bacon $4.00 extra

Milkd Beans with Side of Bacon

The bf had the Milkd Beans which is a trio of beans in a tomatoey reduction, again with two poached eggs and a side bacon. The beans were piping hot and went famously with their thick cuts of sourdough bread.

Bubblegum Macaron $3.00

Milkd Bubblegum Macaron

The only let down was their bubblegum macarons. The texture was hard like a meringue and it tasted like flavoured medicine. I enjoyed the colour of it but thats about it.

Bubblegum Macaron Innards

Milkd Bublegum Macaron Innards

Milkd concept is quick, simple and comforting. A great way to start the day.

Milkd North Perth on Urbanspoon

20 March 2012 ~ 2 Comments

Ha-Lu, Mount Hawthorn

Ha-lu is a great Japanese fusion restaurant for not only dine-in but take away as well. I was so impressed the first time I went, I returned twice in one weekend. Here’s a combined post on the times visited recently including a very special birthday for Foodie Cravings.

Sashimi of the Day $18.00 Salmon, Tuna and Kingfish

Ha-Lu Sashimi of the Day

Thick cut fresh slippery slices of fish to start.

Crumbed Camembert Cheese $9.80

Ha-Lu Crumbed Camembert Cheese

These deep fried wedges of soft cheese oozes into your mouth with the tang of some lemon and their delicious blueberry jam like sauce. It is served with cute skinless honey cherry tomatoes.

Ebi-Mayo $17.00

Ha-Lu Ebi Mayo

This was one of those dishes where the table next to us had to lean over just to ask what it was because it looked that attractive! Plump juicy prawns tossed in their own concoction of mayo cocktail sauce and was barely contained in a deep fried wanton parcel.

But wait theres more!

Ha-Lu Ebi Mayo Innards

Once cracked open… a poached runny egg streams over a refreshing avocado salad. It was amazing.

Scallop Nanban $18.00

Ha-Lu Scallop Nanban

These fat scallops are only lightly deep fried and inside they are still a little raw. Some people, myself included, who don’t like raw seafood might be put off this dish. Having said that I still enjoyed these because the scallops themself were so bitey and fresh that I could overlook the fact it was still raw.

Close up of Scallop Nanban $18.00

Ha-Lu Scallop Nanban Close Up

The fried lotus root and julienned raw veggies on top complimented the scallops perfectly.

Oyster Kaki-Fry $18.00

Ha-Lu Fried Oysters with Ponzu Vinaigrette

Unlike most of their lightly fried dishes, this dish is a bit on the heavier side. The oysters are coated with a seasoned panko batter and is very crunchy. I would probably only order this if there are more than two people eating as I got quite full eating it.

Linley Valley Pork Belly “Kaku-ni” $16.00

Ha-Lu "Kaku-ni" Pork Belly

The blocks of slow cooked Linley Valley pork belly pulls apart with ease. The light soy jus goes great with the pork and soft boiled eggs. This is my favourite dish here.

Kingfish and Salmon Belly Nitsuke $18.00

Ha-Lu Kingfish and Salmon Belly with Daikon

Mmm did I ever tell you my favourite part of a fish is the belly and skin? These were a win being skin-on and deep fried belly pieces. The slow cooked daikon was very light and fluffy.

Succelent Terriyaki Chicken $13

Ha-Lu Teriyaki Chicken

Teriyaki chicken the way it should be. Crispy skin and a caramelised teriyaki sauce with additional mayonaise.

Grilled Miso Patagonian Toothfish $18.00

Ha-Lu Toothfish

The toothfish was flakey and soft and lightly grilled with miso flavour.

Duck, Aubergine, Madeira sauce with Wholegrain Mustard $24.00

Ha-Lu Duck Augergine Madeira Sauce

My second favourite dish here. The skin of the duck is crunchy with a smokey flavour. The meat of the duck, cooked to a medium rare is very tender. The sauce madeira-tamari together with the duck was out of this world and even though I do not like aubergine or the hint of mustard powder I still enjoyed this dish to the fullest.

Ginger Linley Valley Pork $22.00

Ha-Lu Ginger Linley Valley Pork with Fried Pumpkin

I was actually confused when this dish came out as I was sure she said pork, but when I tasted it, the texture was completely different to what pork usually tastes like. The pork had no dryness… so not only have they managed to make it taste delicious but they made it extra juicy. Not only are they chefs but wizards too.

Premium Beef “Ishi-yaki” Grill with Fried Onions $32 Margeret River Wagyu D-Rump

Ha-Lu Stonegrill "Ishi Yaki" Wagyu Beef

The wagyu rump is served in a stonepot so you can cook your beef to your liking and the fried onions become a chip like side.

Side Ramen $8.00

Ha-Lu Ramen

The tiny knob of butter melts into your broth and the slurpy ramen made me wish I had ordered this to myself.

Miso Soup $2.50, Rice $2.50

Ha-Lu Miso Soup and Rice

White Chocolate, Roasted Tea and Berry Pannacotta & Ume Plum Gelee $9.50

Ha-Lu Panacotta

This dessert was light and not overly sweet.

Baked Cheesecake with a hint of Azuki $9.50

Ha-Lu Baked Cheesecake

This was not a traditional cheesecake. It was more like a soft, warm cloud of yumminess. Bites of berries and sesame ice cream to add to the experience.

Tea for Two $4.00

Ha-Lu Green Tea

Teriyaki Chicken Bento $16.00

Ha-Lu Teriyaki Chicken Bento

All their bento’s come with two croquettes, japanese omelette, kara-age chicken, mushroom salad and rice. The Kara-age chicken was a bit cold in mine but it was still tasty.

Beef Tataki Bento $20.00

Ha-Lu Wagyu Beef Tataki Bento

Pork Belly Bento $26.00

Ha-Lu Pork Belly Kaku-ni Bento

The staff here are very helpful and the food comes out quickly. The takeaway wait time is a little bit longer at around 20 minutes, but it’s worth the wait.

Ha-Lu on Urbanspoon

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